Gennem Europa 2006

George du Verdon

i Var/Provence

Through 7 countries


We write 2006, and my wife was suddenly torn away after a long and hard battle with cancer.

Our smallest daughter lived still at home. At one point some time after the funeral, I asked Anita

she'd like to take a little getaway south to get it all from a distance.

She was on.

In advance, I had quietly already planned a vacation to southern Europe this summer, so I asked Anita to find out what she want to see in Southern Europe. Anita had two wishes, Rennes le Chateau with its books in the south of France and the second wish was again to come to Limone on Lake Garda.

My wish was that experience Invationskysten in Normandy and thus honor the soldiers who fell in June 1944 and run diagonally down through France from the English Channel to the Mediterranean Sea just north of the Spanish border. On this trip it was also possible to experience George du Tarn and the new bypass around Mende.

It ended with the holiday was a drive through 7/8 countries and more than 7000 km before we again landed in Denmark.

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