Diary above Rarotonga

Rarotonga    Cook Islands

Rarotonga is part of the Cook Islands and belongs to New Zealand.

If you drive along the coast around the island in bus vehicle trip 60 min.

and there is a fantastic view.

Diary of Rarotonga    Cook Island

6:30 morning - just landed, the sun coming up over the nail.
The stunning lagoon next to Palm Grove Resort.
Beautiful tree on my way around the area.
The tree is also known as the New Zealand Christmas tree.
Very tasty bananas good for breakfast.
Side road off the main road around the island.
One of the many beautiful flower bushes on Rarotonga.
The wreath of flowers I got hanged about his neck at the airport.
A hotel complex that was never completed.
The sign shows I leave my district on Rarotonga.
Rarotongas landmark, the island's highest point - The nail.
The background is seen the reef where the waves break.
The main street of Avarua.
The restaurant at Palm Grove.
Air New Zealand plane that brought me from Los Angeles to Rarotonga.
Avarua Harbour.
Wooden sculpture at a restaurant in Avarua.
Police headquarters on Rarotonga in Avarua.
The speakers played at full blast while the birds rocked to the tune.
Two sisters at the Palm Grove.
Park at Palm Grove with pool.
Foreign Terminal 2010 under reconstruction.
Rarotongas local beer.