Food • Water of Life

The water of life appeared in my little world after I met Sonja on Skagen.

At one point we were so unlucky to get a cottage across each other between Jerup and Ålbæk in an area called "East of Heaven". Now it was good enough.

But in the stunningly beautiful natural area, berries and herbs gathered together to the big gold medal and the provision of glass and bottles afterwards to the delight of the palate.

Good old P. V. Glob's and not forgetting Hans Lyngby Jepsen's books also spanned the interest.

We are back in the middle and towards the late 1970s.

Here in the fall of 2010 I picked Ragler from pors and tries for the first time to make use of the plant in this way. Unfortunately for me the liquid was so good that the bottle did not last very long.

I have under the link "herbs" collected a sea of ​​herbs that can be used to prepare.

Under the link "Signed Recipes" are the original life water recipes from Signe in Hirshals - at least those I got.