Østrig  Austria


There signed the summer of 1970 - I was in the military service in Fredericia at King's Royal Academy Fodregiment been hired as hand sets by Fires Newspaper Printing House. At that time, in 1970, one could pick and choose from a myriad of printing and Denmark had fukdbeskæftigelse. I think Danish Typographer Federation at that time had only omkribg 1.2 per cent. unemployed.

I had a couple of alternatives on hand if the failure to find employment as a compositor at a printing: to become within the military. I had been trained as a PMV-running and had more than 8 months experience in maneuvering around the motherland with these stålskrumler. The military's do like I had been there, but after 14 months in the army of Kongens Jydske Fodregement in Fredericia, I had no great desire to play warrior more, therefore I thanked yes to the work of Brande. Which I have never regretted.

I started shown enough in early March 1970, one of the first tasks was to stack a weekly newspaper on the legs. I had never tried before, so it was real exciting. My ancestors were all on the one all other means had with newspapers to do, so why not me.

As I recall this year and the holiday started we - I and little brother - up of the day from Grenaa and drove to the Danish-German border, where we of course also then supplies ready in kiosks to further drive south.

After the stay at Kruså went further south to Hamburg as we safely got through and from here on towards Soltau midway between Hamburg and Hannover for a campsite we previously had stayed on in connection with trips south along with our parents.

From Soltau we continued A7 - as it is also called then - on south and down to at least Heidelberg. Back then A7 not pierce against Austria.

Via a trip across West Germany to Salzburg, we landed at camingpladsen on the mountain Geisberg. After a few days here gij went south on the tiny roads, including over a few passports until we hit Carinthia and drove west toward Lienz to find a campsite.

At one point we had to choose between a road to the right and to the left. We chose the left, which is perhaps the best choice I have ever made. After an hour's drive along the small roads in the Drau valley we hit the town sign for Steinfeld am Drau. In the south / west of the city, we found the campsite as we lost everything for the next 4 years. It was of camping at its very best.

Unfortunately, there are not many photos of these years.