Lake Garda & Provence


There signed in 1989 and we are in the middle of July. Sonja had probably forced to leave and no "children" in the house, while I had managed to arrange some not quite clean money that we shared "almost" equally between us.

As I said was Sonja home and Louise and I went to Limone on Lake Garda, where I had pre-leased me into a room at the Hotel Garden. To lure Louise, she had a claim to the hotel,

there should at least be a swimming pool. It was also there and the pool was widely used by Louise in the week we stayed at the Hotel Garden.

Louise's sister Annette was in the same time as we lived in Limone in Provence, specifically Bargemon with his father and his wife.

After a fantastic week in Limone on Lake Garda, where it also managed to get around a bit, even about Louise was not much for driving - then!

We reached among other ferry Brescia over to the city Malsecine on opposite shores.

In Malcesine took the cable car up to Monte Baldo.

It was also for a visit to the largest city on Lake Garda - Riva del Garda.

It was a good week in Limone. This was the first time the city was visited and not the last.

After a week at Hotel Garden in Limone I managed, with some good acquisition and a road map to convince Louise if that was not "special" far to drive from Limone to Bargemon in the Var district.

We therefore left Lake Garda, they drove around 600 km to Provence to see if Annette was bored - and she did, very much.

Bargemon 1989