Grenaa Idrætsforening

har  hjemsted i Grenaa

og blev stiftet i 1905.


The absolute best junior teams, none who have consumed Grenaa Stadium. The photo was taken at the driving range 1 where Ring road goes down to the harbor out in the background.

The photo was taken a few years after Brazil had been world champions for the first time in Sweden 1958. Brazil had as the first team used the system 4-3-3, but we were not as advanced then - yet, we just play the good Danish system 2-3-5, but we did everything possible to emulate Brazil.

Back row from left our "coach" through all boys years Louis Bilde, Per "Pepo" Jensen, Peer Holm, Jørgen "Lille" Nielsen, Abdullah and Erik Mogensen.

In the middle from left, Klaus "KK" Hansen, John Svenningsen and Benny Løhr.

Front row from left, Preben Voigt, Hans Jørgen "Sjønne" Olesen and Carsten Plougman.

Unfortunately, a few fallen away far too early.