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For more than 3 years we have some volunteers around Viborg Brewery, who had talked about going on a long weekend in Dublin.

The talk went on and on and there was not really anything. So at a time when Kirsten was tired of hearing more talk about the weekend in Dublin and took action.

A small meeting was quickly on its feet, the PC was started and before we had seen us, was the invitation sent out to 11 people all volunteers around Viborg Brewery if they would like to participate in the trip.

Everyone was in and the next thing that happened was ordering tickets. The cheapest could be found was Norwegian Airlines to approx. 1700 DKK trip / return. There had to be found overnight. Some tour participants required minimum 3-star hotel and it was so.

The journey took exit from Aalborg via Copenhagen to Dublin.

It was an amazing trip.

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